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50 Shades of Beige

Successful sales and service to all cultures

with Tina Varughese

With one-fifth of Canada’s population being born outside of the country, businesses need to be dialed in to the needs of an increasingly multicultural customer base. Second and third generation immigrants are highly influenced by parental values, beliefs and cultural nuances. With diversity comes opportunity and potential for growth in sales, brand loyalty and profitability. By building trust and rapport through understanding, recognizing and respecting cultural differences, successful companies can capitalize and profit from this often untapped market leading to more repeat and referral clients.  Key Takeaways:

  • How your customers’ personal values drive purchasing decisions and customer loyalty
  • How to increase referrals and repeat sales cross-culturally
  • Communication tips to bridge multicultural gaps

"Tina’s presentation was invaluable to our team. The content was interactive, informative and engaging with relevant, specific examples our sales team was able to apply right away.”

Jennifer Ramanuj - Vice President, Human Resources, Cardel Homes
Tina Varughese
Communication Expert

The Humour Advantage: Customer Service with a Laugh

Why some businesses are laughing all the way to the bank!

with Michael Kerr

Good customer service isn’t good enough! If you want to laugh all the way to the bank you need to deliver customer service that consistently exceeds your customers’ expectations and stands out from the herd. In this idea-packed presentation you’ll hear examples of how businesses around the world leverage their humour resources to create dynamic, inspiring cultures and exceptional service that drives outrageous results:

  • Building a service first culture and mindset: Why culture is everything and everything is culture when it comes to service
  • 5 critical customer service messages your service team needs to hear
  • Going the extra inch, going the extra mile: How humour combined with a relentless attention to customer service can drive outrageous results in your business

“WOW! We’ve had many speakers, but none the likes of Michael Kerr. The ideas clicked with our members who willingly brought them back to their businesses. After only one month comments are coming in on the members’ successes with their sometimes very stressful shops.”

Richard Dansereau - President, NAPA Autopro
Michael Kerr
Bestselling author
Hall of Fame speaker

It all Starts at the Top!

Leading a high-performance customer service team

with Merge Gupta-Sunderji

Your customers are the lifeblood of your organization, and as a leader, you set the tone for virtually every interaction your people have with them. Are you sending the right message? Can you really build a customer service team that not only maintains, but also builds your market share? Is it really possible to empower your people to create every-day experiences that turn customers into enthusiastic fans without breaking the bottom-line? Absolutely! You’ll learn:

  • Four changes that you need to make to create the right atmosphere among your front-line folks
  • Practical tips and techniques to attain buy-in from your team (and perhaps even from your teenagers!)
  • Why it’s so important for you to accept and appreciate that you are a role model (even if you don’t want to be!)

“Few speakers can capture a diverse audience of 350 people like Merge does! Our attendees talked about the skills they learned from Merge throughout the conference. Merge was definitely the ‘buzz’ of our event!”

Jennifer Whiteaker - Director of Claims Training, Eberl Claims Service
Merge Gupta-Sunderji
Leadership expert
International speaker
Globe & Mail columnist

Becoming a Trusted Advisor

Shifting from commodity to one-of-a-kind service

with Jeff Mowatt

Too often, employees see their role as delivering services or processing orders. The problem is this transaction-focused approach leads to low value/ low price/ low profit customer relationships. Fortunately, by simply changing a few words your team members can become valued – literally, as
Trusted Advisors. You’ll discover:

  • How team members can exceed customers’ 7 expectations by choosing words more thoughtfully
  • How to increase wallet share by cross-selling without sounding ‘salesy’ or insulting customers’ intelligence
  • Two words to recover from service slip-ups and (bonus) – even rekindle romance at home!

“Jeff’s session was so helpful. The way we deal with customers, clients, venders, and each other has improved. Our team has risen to standards that are somewhat unheard of in our trade. He gave us a new outlook on an old business.”

Tim Tarita - President/CEO, Magnum Electric
Jeff Mowatt
Customer service strategist
Bestselling author
Hall of Fame speaker

Super-Session: Selling the Invisible

Growing your business when your ‘product’ is actually a service

It’s easy to stand out in the marketplace if you build and sell better mousetraps. It’s harder to be thought of as different when you provide an intangible service, where customers may be tempted to compare you on price alone. In this super-session 3 business leaders will share their secrets for:

  • Ensuring customers view your service as unique and worth a higher price.
  • Stimulating higher-value referrals and spin-off business.
  • Generating buy-in from team members to meet and exceed your service standards.

Pat Minor

Learning & Development Manager

Mike Coyne

Executive Vice President

Corinne Lyall

Past President CREB Broker/Owner

Four reasons you & your leadership team should attend:

1Make price less relevant.

You already know that in today’s commoditized marketplace, your #1 competitive advantage is your team’s service. And it’s one of the few things you have total control over. This summit is for leadership teams who:

  • Want to create more memorable and meaningful relationships with their customers.
  • Don’t want to settle for merely “good enough.”
  • Want their company’s service to be valued – literally, over that of their competitors.

2Help Uber-proof your business.

Unless you are a government monopoly, chances are your business model may soon be – if it hasn’t already been – disrupted by some version of your industry’s Uber. That means to keep and grow your market share, your customers can’t be merely satisfied. They need to be fiercely loyal. Take advantage of this opportunity to step back from your daily activities and generate ideas to ensure your customers feel an emotional bond to your brand. And only to your brand.

3Create buy-in and take action.

You may have found that trying to introduce new ideas to an established business can be challenging. That’s why we encourage bringing your leadership team, and why we offer the chance to reserve tables. Your decision makers get the same message at the same time, you can share ideas over lunch and during breaks, and you can move into action the very next day.

4Have some fun!

Ever been to a conference where you’re crammed shoulder to shoulder, forced to sit through somebody reading PowerPoint punishment in a monotone that has you wishing you were anywhere but there? Us too. That’s why all of the keynoters are professional speakers who know how to engage and entertain a business audience while sharing relevant ideas. The day will fly by; ending with you and your leadership team being re-focused and recharged.

Still not sure this is the right seminar for your team?

Take a few minutes to watch these short videos from the 4 keynote presenters…


Wed, Nov 15, 2017
8:00am – 8:30am Check-in
8:30am Summit launch and intro with host, Jeff Mowatt
Keynote Tina Varugheses: 50 Shades of Beige – Successful sales and service to all cultures
Keynote Merge Gupte-Sunderji: It all Starts at the Top! – Leading a high-performance customer service team
Industry Super Session Panel: Pat Minor, Mike Coyne, Corinne Lyall, Moderator: Jeff, Selling the Invisible
Lunch (included with registration)
Keynote Michael Kerr: The Humour Advantage – Customer Service with a Laugh
Keynote Jeff Mowatt: Becoming a Trusted Advisor – Shifting from commodity to one-of-a-kind service
4:30pm Close


The Glenmore Inn and Convention Centre 2720 Glenmore Trail SE, Calgary, Alberta. T2C 2E6 Ph: 403.279.861


Standard (up to 6 days prior to Summit date) $975
Advance rate (1-4 weeks prior to Summit date) $745

Groups: You’ll automatically receive 10% off the above rates when reserving tables of 6 people or more.


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